Speaking engagements in 2012-2013

Paul Garner is not available for speaking engagements for the time being, but will be taking bookings for autumn 2013 onwards. In the meantime, Steve Lloyd will continue to be available for speaking opportunities and we also hope that at least one visit by an overseas speaker may be arranged in the near future. Four associate speakers have also agreed to help us with engagements in 2012-2013. To book one of these speakers for your meeting please contact us on 01353 721578.


Dr David Tyler has a background in the physical sciences. He is a Reader at Manchester Metropolitan University, a Fellow of the Textile Institute and a Member of the Institute of Physics. He is Secretary of the Biblical Creation Society and has written many articles that seek to develop a Christian perspective on origins. He and his wife are members of Mottram Evangelical Church in Cheshire. Topics that David can speak about include Science and faith: why are there tensions? / Biblical creation: does it matter what we believe? / Design in nature: can it be handled by science? / Geology and the Flood / Understanding the rock record.



Dr Sylvia Baker is a biologist who trained under Professor John Maynard-Smith at Sussex University. Subsequently, with her family, she co-pioneered the thriving Trinity School at Stalybridge near Manchester for many years. She is author of Bone of Contention, a popular introduction to the origins debate which has sold over 250,000 copies in 10 languages. She recently gained a PhD for her research on the Christian schools movement in the UK. She currently attends a Baptist Church in Cheshire. Topics that Sylvia can address include Creationism in the classroom / Creation or evolution: what should we believe? / The rocks and the fossils: what should we believe? / Genesis and genetics: what should we believe?



Dr Marc Surtees has a PhD in zoology from the University of Reading. He is the director of an independent consultancy to the pharmaceutical industry and also manages a science and nature shop called Paradigm Shift in Edinburgh. He and his wife are active members of an independent Baptist Church and Marc lists his interests as his family, education, information technology, DIY, camping and walking. He is also an active member of the Edinburgh Creation Group. Topics that Marc can speak about include The God delusion? / Whales: created or evolved? / Are humans evolved apes? / The origin of life / Did birds evolve from dinosaurs? / Fossils: what do they really mean? / Evidence for a young earth / Was the eye designed?



Dr William Worraker has a BSc in Physics and a PhD in Engineering Mathematics. Currently employed as a developer of industrial software, he has been an active amateur astronomer for over twenty years and has participated in collaborative professional-amateur observing projects on variable stars. He and his wife are members of Abbey Baptist Church in Abingdon. Topics that Bill can address include General astronomy / Age and formation of the solar system / Astronomy of stars and galaxies / Cosmology / Existence (or otherwise) of life in space and related topics.